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Free Tax Review

How we can help...

People often have a hard time understanding or believing the amount of tax savings they can acheive with simple, coordinated planning. By helping them see the possible end result of our ideas and concepts, they are much more likely to understand and take action on effective solutions. We use their tax return as a visual tool. When our clients compare this year’s tax return to their next year’s “what if” tax return (showing the effect of our planning) it is then easy for them to make an informed, educated decision that saves them money.

Our process is simple and costs a potential client nothing for our firm to review their finances and identify potential tax savings and income growth areas. One of the secrets to our success is being a careful and thoughtful custodian of our client’s documents. We never make assumptions. We act as financial tax detectives examining the client’s previous tax returns (2 years preferred).

Following a review, we schedule a 1 hour consultation to review our tax savings opportunities and discuss our recommendations. The client chooses what, if any, strategies they decide to implement with no obligation!

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