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Suffering Angst Over What Your Taxes Might Be? Here's How To Change That.

If you haven’t already filed your tax return, maybe you`re just waiting on a few more documents and you are thinking about it. Often people have an “Angst” about what their tax outcome will be, some even lose sleep.

Those same people will then go to a tax preparation service that’s different than ours, like an H&R Block or a Jackson & Hewitt and have the return prepared and then suffer through the end result.

There is a better way, our way!

We don’t just prepare your tax return. We help people look for honest and often overlooked tax deductions that people don’t think about.

Just as a quick example last week in our network, by the CPA trying a little harder, we uncovered that one client whom was taking care of her mother could have been claiming her as a dependent for the last two years, and after properly filing this year’s return and amending last year’s return she will be getting an additional $1604.00 refund.

We invite you to use us this year and if you do this is what will happen.

You bring us two years prior returns and your current documents. Our CPA will carefully prepare your return and also review the prior years and look for anything that might have been missed by a “go fast, crank`em out, next ,next, next” service. We will put any observations in writing and then help you file the return.

We will also give you a list of behavior changes that you can decide to follow going forward to further plan a better tax outcome for next year as well.

We do all that and charge about 50% less than what people pay at those “Other Services”.

You could keep feeling or acting like you’re not in control of your tax outcome. Or you can decide to break a “not so good habit” and instead adopt a new one with us…THIS IS YOUR YEAR!

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