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Spring Cleaning of Your Financial & Tax Plan

With spring in the air almost everywhere, people move their thoughts to the yard and start going to home shows. Plans that developed over the winter go into action and spring cleaning begins.

This spring don’t just rake up the leaves you missed last fall and unwrap the outdoor grill, let’s take a 45 minute meeting and clean up your ineffective investments, plant the tax changes that will lessen the tax bill for next year, and give your finances the chance to grow properly in 2017.

My spouse will fill the SUV with flowers and I need to replace the lawn mower and I also want to buy a new hammock, we will likely spend $800.00 or more in the next ten days. You likely are going to spend that amount or more on something similar.

Here is our financial and tax spring cleaning challenge to you:

Book a review appointment in the next ten days and bring in your spring spending wish list and we will either - in tax reduction or income increase - find you the amount you wish to spend.

There are some new tax penalties that you likely just paid that we can help you avoid next year. There are expensive asset classes that we can show you an alternative to, while keeping you in the same asset class with a similar Alpha and Beta but a better outcome.

Let’s us “clean up your tax and financial yard” and then we can have a burger and a beer together and sit back and look at what we have done, after all its spring!

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